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Posting Amnesty and the Comm's Future

First of all, thank you to everyone who played in the fandom_deja_vu sandlot. It was an experiment that vegetariansushi and I were very excited by, and we've had a lot of fun with the back-end work to set it all up. It's been wonderful to see the diversity of fandoms that are represented--that is the one real success of the challenge.

Unfortunately, things do seem to have come unstuck in terms of how many people have responded to the challenge. It's been clear from the start that everyone has liked the idea behind fandom_deja_vu, but it's also become clear that people have had trouble filling the prompts. We're not sure why that is. For our own parts, vegetariansushi and I both have half-written stories that didn't get finished on time due to real life stuff happening.

With over 80 people signed up, though, surely the mid-year pinch can't be the only problem.

We'd really appreciate it if you'd drop us a comment, telling us if there was some specific problem that we could/can address as moderators. Or perhaps you have some more general feedback. vegetariansushi and I were wondering if the community should be run in some other way: for instance, more along the lines of a flashfic community, so that there's a new challenge every two or three months. Let us know if you have any ideas.

In any case, we've decided not to run another round of the challenge; at least not in the immediate future. We have, however, decided to have a Posting Amnesty. The community will be left open until the end of August, so that anyone running late with their stories can still post them. At the end of the month we'll re-assess things and let you know what will happen to fandom_deja_vu.

In Brief:
  • Posting is open until 31 August.

  • Suggestions/feedback on fandom_deja_vu are welcome, via comments or email.

If you'd like to see fandom_deja_vu continued, please do leave us some feedback.
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I can't write, but I'm an avid reader. Sadly, I am incoherent when giving fb (I've been made aware more than once that people have wondered whether or not I am saying I liked their story/fic/ficlet/drabble/thing - and that is usually when I given what I believe is a thoughtful comment on particular things I like about about a story). So I don't comment as often as I should. And there is an old-school-newsgroup part of me which says that just saying "loved it", "liked it", "want more", isn't enough. So sometimes I comment, but mostly I don't.
I guess vegetariansushi and I assumed most of the people who had joined the community intended to write something, but now I consider it, I'm sure you're not the only curious reader. Thanks for the feedback.
I really enjoyed it. It was hard meeting the deadline, though. Because I am not typically a plot writer, I found having the basics of a plot really helpful - enough so that I had a direction I could branch off of.

I'd like it if the community continued, but I don't know where everyone is.
*comes and sits with you* I'd like the community to continue too. We just have to chase some people back here. There's lots of members, after all.


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11 years ago

I can't immediately think of useful feedback. From my end, my bunny didn't turn up until quite late, and I plan to take advantage of the amnesty with a bit of handholding :P (thank you!)

What I found myself doing, actually, was creating mini-bunnies from the original poll. From the trigger of 'apocalypse' or 'first time' I was composing random opening scenes (that I may still go back and play with, just to see if they go anywhere) but none of them related at all to the outlines that eventuated, of course, and I ended up starting from scratch anyway.

I've googled for a definition of flashfic and came up with approximately 'a short piece of fiction'. I quite like the idea of writing something shorter, because, hey, less plot to fret about! conversely, there's also less stress.

The idea of having one every two or three months feels like it removes other parts of the pressure too. This was the first time I've ever even tried to write for a challenge, and I re-learned that deadlines make me freeze a bit. If it were run more frequently, I suspect I was develop the attitude of "I can write next time if the current ideas don't appeal", which may also be a death-trap of course :P

Possibly more random comments when I've had time to think things over more. Regardless, thank you both for running this. I've really enjoyed actually writing again, even though it's like pulling teeth a lot of the time!
Flashfic are generally more casual than we originally envisioned fandom_deja_vu to be. A good example is sga_flashfic, where people post lots of different types of stories all inspired by a theme. We could do that for one plot outline every month or two.

Thanks for the feedback. It fits in with my gut feeling about the comm.
I think that the inherent problem with this type of challenge is that since stories are necessarily plotty (with a plot provided) they will tend to be relatively long.

I think that the lack of formal sign-ups made it much psychologically easier for people to let things slide. I think formal sign-ups (at least declarations of intent) help solidify the idea of "I am participating in this!" in people's minds.

Good points. I think you're right about the casualness of not having formal sign-ups, but I don't think we want to change that. We want the community to be fun, not a trial, and there are already so many story exchanges and so on, which are always going to be people's first priority.

Running it more like a flashfic comm is seeming more and more like the direction that's most likely to go. But with a slightly longer lead time, due to the plotty nature of the stories.

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for taking part!
I have to admit I'm quite disappointed with the lack of fic posting and feedback (not that this is a complaint of any kind, you understand, just a general moan). I started three times in three different fandoms and hit brick walls on the first two before writing the third in two days. So I definitely understand that people can have difficulty with the challenge. My problem was RL getting in the way, exams, then celebrations, then a week away, then post-exam lethargy and exhaustion meaning that what had been a great idea was just boring by the time I sat down to write it.

But, all that said, I had a wonderful idea playing with the plotlines, in one plan actually weaving all three together before it became apparent that it was all plot and nothing else. I also invented an entirely AU Harry Potter universe that was somewhere between Star Wars and Stone Dance of the Chameleon, with wixards under Voldemort as dictators of planets of industrious Muggles ruled by the technology they thought of as 'magic'. Then that became more complicated than my brain could cope with and Harry going back in time to stop Draco from leading a rebellion against the wizards who had thrown him out, while initially seeming like a good idea, became very very difficult to actually form into a useable plot.

I hope you don't feel that your time was wasted because you go so few responses to the challenge: I had a great time, as you can see. And, should you ever decide to do it again, I will be right here to sign up. Maybe I'll manage something more elaborate next time. I'm looking forward to seeing what is produced in the next few weeks.
Please pretend that some of that made sense. I've been up a long time and my brain and fingers seem to no longer be connected!


11 years ago


11 years ago

First, I sincerely hope to be posting something quite soon. That said, my deadline issues this time round have nothing to do with how you set up the challenge. They're partially related to the fact that I'd never before written anything quite as long as this has turned out to be. And partially to some stuff that's entirely specific to the story I chose to write and which I didn't foresee being problems when I decided to write it.

I'm still having a great time, though, particularly now that I think I'll get to turn in something good, rather than rushed. Which leads me to echo the idea of running this in three month blocks, since the amount of plot on offer can easily lead to novelette/novella length pieces of fiction and those can be quite time-consuming to write.

Anyway, yeah, please run this again. I can't guarantee I'll participate if there's one this fall, as I've another big project blocked out for that time-frame(plus school), but winter and/or spring ought to be doable(and fun).
Yay for long and plotty! I'm really looking forward to it. I'm so glad to hear you're having good fun with it. Vege and I did too, and that's what we wanted: for people to feel they could play and maybe go in directions they otherwise wouldn't.

Given the feedback we've recieved, I think we will run it again, but maybe more like a flashfic challenge--a bit less formal.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.
Personally, I've been on LJ only sporadically recently, so I slept through the evening the stories were due and then didn't realize there was an amnesty in time to post. I'll give posting by the second amnesty a shot, though we are about to leave for CO, so...we'll see.

I'm just not good with deadlines. Sometimes I do better if I owe *someone* rather than *something* - i.e., if it's a fic exchange - because the guilt will get to me. Sometimes.
I know what you mean about deadlines. I have trouble with them too; that's one of the reasons we wanted the community to be casual. It's about fun, not stress!

Thanks for letting us know, anyway. It's looking like a lot of people had similar issues.
Oh, excellent idea, amnesty. I love the concept of this challenge, especially since I'm not a plotty writer; it is a real challenge for me.

I bit off more than I could chew this time, however; between moving back to Canada and from there to Australia I wrote a crappy story and then had no internet access over the posting deadline(s).

I did find that the plots were a bit too specific. I'd have liked them a little broader so they could be applied to more styles than drama. Caveat: I haven't looked at the plots in two weeks, so I could be misremembering them.
Okay, thanks for letting us know. That's helpful. It's looking like a slightly more casual take on the idea--one plot every two months maybe--might be the way to go.