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Deja Vu All Over Again
The Multi-Fandom Variations on a Theme Challenge

Who: Run by cupidsbow and vegetariansushi. Everyone is invited to join in.

What: A multifandom variations on a theme challenge. It works like this: Under the cut tag for this post is a list of themes. Vote once in each poll. On Friday, I'll close the poll. Then, cupidsbow and I will come up with a loose outline of an unresolved story for the two or three most highly rated themes. The outline will be vague enough that it can be used to create a story in almost any major fandom with a supernatural (Harry Potter, Buffy, Lost) or futuristic (BSG, Stargate(s), Farscape, Star Trek) element. If you're willing to write your characters in an AU, the outlines will work for any fandom, including RPS. The outlines will be posted in the community in a locked post. From that point, you're on your own. Take what's in the outline (any or all of them) and use it as the framework for your story. The fandom, the characters, and the ending are entirely up to you. There are no length restrictions.

Why: Official answer: Something about group interpretations of text. Also probably something about literary and cultural something or other. Unofficial answer: I thought it'd be cool.

Where: All announcements, reminders, and fics will be posted in fandom_deja_vu

When: The poll will close on Friday, 19 May. The outlines will be posted by Friday, 26 May. Fiction is due on Monday, 10 July. There is no signup deadline. If you want to write, you join the community. You can join until the day before fics are due, but all fics must be posted to the community on the tenth of July.

The poll is on my journal, since I can't seem to make it work in the community. Voting in the poll does not indicate willingness to participate in the challenge -- feel free to vote even if you'd just like to see other people write lots of one kind of fic.

Please Vote Here
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