meghan: restless sleep and reckless dreams (vegetariansushi) wrote in fandom_deja_vu,
meghan: restless sleep and reckless dreams


In light of a few recent comments, it's been decided to extend the fandom_deja_vu deadline a bit. The dates were originally chosen because they were a few weeks off of any challenges that cupidsbow and I knew about, but since then we've found a handful of things ending now. Between that and the extension over at reel_sga, it seems that a fair few people are feeling pushed for time in which to finish their fics.

So the new deadline is 31 July, which is three weeks later than planned. On the 31, we'll open the community to posts. On 4 August, we'll set everything back to moderation so that we can gear up for round two. (The response to this has been far, far beyond what we expected -- we were ready to declare things a wild success if we got ten participants. So there's definitely going to be a round two.)

In sum: NEW DEADLINE 31 JULY. Don't start your last minute panicking just yet.
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